Heavy Duty Brake Cleaner


Heavy Duty Brake Cleaner


Primary Use: 

This Brake Cleaner is an advanced non- chlorinated /non-carcinogenic OEM- formulation cleaning solvent that dissolves and removes grease, oil and dirt from brake parts.

Does not leave film or residue and will not damage rubber components.


Key Features: 

This is our highest quality Brake Cleaner and the only formulation approved and used by most global OEM vehicle manufacturers. It provides quick and effective cleaning and drying to free brake parts from brake dust, grime and brake fluid build-up to enable the brakes to function properly without any mechanical hindrance. This non- chlorinated, Heptane-based product cuts through brake dust and grime and dries fast, without leaving any residue.


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TNDS8001 390g aerosol

TNDS8201 18.9L metal pail

TNDS8201-TB 18.9L threaded bung

TNDS8301 205L drum

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