Electrical Contact Cleaner


Electrical Contact Cleaner


Primary Use: 

Intermittent, electrical-based problems, including short-circuits, will occur if proper or full connection cannot be achieved between the surfaces of electrical contacts, switches, terminals and connectors. Oil and dirt deposits and the gradual build-up of oxidation on the contact surfaces are the leading causes of poor electrical connections.


Key Features: 

Electrical Contact Cleaner will quickly and effectively dissolve and remove any oil, dirt and oxidation build-up on all types of electrical contacts, switches, terminals and connectors. The easy-to-use aerosol format and extension tube allow for direct and precise application of the cleaner to the affected contact surfaces, even in hard-to-reach or confined areas. Electrical Contact Cleaner dries quickly and leaves no harmful residue.
Non-chlorinated Formulation.


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TNDS8007 320g aerosol

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