Air Intake Cleaner


Air Intake Cleaner


Primary Use: 

With the advent of fuel injection usage on all new passenger cars and light- duty trucks, the engine designs have separated the air intake system from the fuel system. This requires separate servicing of the air intake system due to its unique and sensitive requirements, namely light dirt and varnishes.

Contamination of the sensors and light-duty linkages will cause engine malfunctions including erratic idle, minor hesitation and stumbling as well as startability problems.


Key Features: 

Air Intake Cleaner is a heavy-duty, solvent-based aerosol cleaner which cleans effectively and dries quickly. This non-chlorinated product can be used to clean air throttle valves, idle air control valves and the internal surfaces of the air intake manifold. The 360-degree valve allows the user to direct the spray onto surfaces and linkages requiring cleaning, as well as into the intake manifold to clean varnish and dirt from the manifold walls, even with the can inverted.
Oxygen sensor and catalytic converter safe.


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TNDS8051 425g aerosol

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