Spring Forward with Preventative Boat and Marine Maintenance

With spring around the corner, it may be time to plan your schedule to get your boat or marine vehicle ready for the water.

Spring Start-up

A pre-season inspection of your boat is important to help prevent issues that could take it out of the water for repair and for general safety. The fuel system should be checked for leaks or damage, and all connections should be checked to make sure they are screwed on properly. All of the belts, cables and hoses should be checked for cracks and damage, and all worn parts should be replaced in advance of issues down the line.  Make sure to check all fluid levels including engine oil, power steering and coolant to ensure they are at the right level. The electric system should be inspected to make sure everything is working, and the propellers and hull should be checked for cracks and dings. The hull of the vehicle should also be thoroughly inspected and cleaned to make sure it is in the proper condition to be in the water. Safety gear should also be inventoried, and made sure to be easily accessible in case of an emergency while in the water.

In-Season Maintenance

To keep your boat working at full strength throughout the entire boating season, a few simple steps can be taken that can help to prevent issues. An important but simple task is to wash your boat on a regular basis if it is exposed to saltwater. The salt from the saltwater corrodes metal or hardware over time, so washing regularly will prevent this. The oil level should be monitored and should be changed based on the manufacturer’s requirements. The propeller should also be inspected before each trip to make sure no damage was done to it which could cause the boat to work harder and use more fuel than normal.

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