The Industry's Best
in Every Can. 


Check the label.

Titan products are OEM approved, professional grade formulas developed over six decades for the automotive, industrial, heavy duty and agricultural industries.

The Titan brand may have started as an industry secret, but it’s now the premium choice for professional technicians and installers. That’s because it’s no secret that Titan products are made by the best in the business, trusted for generations.


The original brand of quality.

Titan is a brand of Shrader Canada - a company with over six decades of mileage behind our reputation.

We’re considered a classic; trusted by generations past, and driving the innovation of products designed for a new generation of vehicle.

Professionals know, where it comes from matters. Every Titan product comes from decades of development and testing, and is both approved and used by the world’s leading OEMs. With that kind of track record, no matter the use, Titan products will stand up to the job.

Titan products are in the hands of service professionals, and part of OEM product lines worldwide.